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~Such a epically beautiful yoga session~ tonight with the beautiful Rachel! Thank-You so much Universe for such a treasure & gift! A true manifestation of inner love & peace! We were also accompanied by ladybugs, plenty of ladybugs, beautiful wind, the whistling of the tree leaves, & the glorious rays of the soleil freedom of the sun! Thank-You to April, Chad, Jesse, Shane, & Anastasia, your energies were blessedly amazing! Love you all! Blessed be!♥"Randi Riplinger"

!!!Just In!!!

Just got in all of our Essential Oils! We've got some amazing topical relief for nerve damage & pain! We watched Chad's back nerve pain heal in a matter of days with his 'Back 2 Nerves' tonic! All oils are 100% therapeutic grade, these are the real deal!!

The energy of crystal grids are helpful in every day task also along with helping in balancing out a home or office. They can be used for Meditation as well as in Reiki Healing Practices. Along with assisting in Massage Therapy as well. the grids can be place in a space, room or under a Massage table for assistance with your Practices.
New bottels and lables are in!!!!

We Just Received our new labels and bottles to package and distribute our our blends of hight therapeutic grade essential oils.

Services Overview

Reiki, Acutonics, Taro Crad Reading, Pendulum Dowsing and, Dowsing . Along with meny other new age thechnoloy we offer.

Okay so this is just to mention a few things we have going on besides our emense salection of thataputic grade essential oils for use in aromatharapy, massage thatapy, or just for in your home there are meny sevices we offer here at this page has the other sevices we provide to you as a company that is not prided on its sales but on happy health custermes that chose to use or oils and sevices for ther life force energy and a betterment of there suroundings.


Solutions for a nice way to  start off the day

For a nice way to start off your day in the morning time use our up lift mixture of oils in a spritser and spray all around your self and home to lighten the mood and uplift your suroundings. You can also use it in a room Diffuser or Atomizer© that we have availible in our online store.