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  • Testimonials coming soon!

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!!!Just In!!!

Just got in all of our Essential Oils! We've got some amazing topical relief for nerve damage & pain! We watched Chad's back nerve pain heal in a matter of days with his 'Back 2 Nerves' tonic! All oils are 100% therapeutic grade, these are the real deal!!

The energy of crystal grids are helpful in every day task also along with helping in balancing out a home or office. They can be used for Meditation as well as in Reiki Healing Practices. Along with assisting in Massage Therapy as well. the grids can be place in a space, room or under a Massage table for assistance with your Practices.
New bottels and lables are in!!!!

We Just Received our new labels and bottles to package and distribute our our blends of hight therapeutic grade essential oils.


“ ~So twelve days of using the Back 2 Nerve on my back injury and all most a full recovery still healing though. the feeling in my right foot has all most come back to full and mobility is returning. I have been dealing with my back injury for all most ten years but recently re-injured it causing me to lose the use of my right leg and the ability to sit and stand for prolong periods of time. in using the highest grade oils available I have seen improvements that I never thought were possible. Thanks to Back 2 Nerves and thank you Essential Oils for helping heal me. Aurora Essential Oils Founder Chad Cumin may 30 2012"

~The most wonderful and fulfilling feeling in the world is when you can feel your energy surge through your body from head to toe. We are all vibration and so is everything around us, it is as simple as breathing or kinetic movement. Everything has the breath of life and once we come to realize this, we can change a negative state of frequency(vibration) into a positive and blessed frequency. Can
you imagine what our world would look like with that perception? I sure can, because it all starts with YOU. Our energy reflects onto others and it can absorb when it is needed.
The way of life is simply the breath of life. Take in the simple pleasures and treat yourself well, I promise you will remain healthy from all the toxins in the world today WITHOUT a DR. or a hospital. We can even avoid viruses and bacterial infections before they even spread just by keeping our vibration to frequency ratio up( To calculate this we use hertz, Hz). We can even beat Cancer. A healthy vibration is 62 Hz, when it drops to 58 Hz Cold and flu happen, if you let it drop to 42 Hz is when you can develop Cancer...
So keep that energy up and have good vibrations! ALWAYS have positive affirmations for yourself, love yourself---your body is a Temple and is your powerhouse so put the good stuff into it(fruits, veggies, grains, oats, nuts, flax, lavander, lemon, tree tree, dandilion, nuts, chicken, basically anything that is NOT artificially or chemically grown and produced), it is as simple as blessing what you consume to have a better outcome, reflect your positive energy, be compassionate, and just be kinetic and stay active! Much Love♥
~Thank-You so much to April & Chad for sharing this knowledge with me, so much information and love in one night. THanks again♥ Randi Riplinger July 30 2012"